President Weining Huang Beijing
    Vice-President Shi-Ming Yang Beijing
    General Secretary Antti Mäkitie Helsinki
    Second Secretary D. Bradley Welling Boston
    Treasurer Sandro Stöckli St. Gallen
    Councillor Barbara Wollenberg Lübeck
    Councillor Yasuo Hisa Kyoto
    Councillor Hamlet Suarez Montevideo
    Editorial Secretary Matti Anniko Stockholm
    Credentials Committee
    René Leemans                   Amsterdam
    Valerie Lund                       London
    Allen Ryan president           San Diego
    C.E. Benjamins
    A.P.H.A. de Kleyn

    1926 H. Zwaardemaker Groningen (founding meeting)
    1927 F.R. Nager Zurich
    1928 F. Schmiegelow Copenhagen (business meeting)
    1929 A.A. Gray London
    1930 C.Voss Frankfurt am Main
    1931 G. Portmann Bordeaux
    1932 A.G. Tapia Madrid (business meeting)
    1933 A. Precechtel Prague
    1934 G. Holmgren Stockholm
    1935 A. Rejto Budapest
    1937 F. Brunetti Venice
    1938 A. de Kleyn Groningen
    1947 C. Hicquet Brussels (informal meeting)
    1948 N.Rh. Blegvad Copenhagen (informal meeting)
    1949 N.Rh. Blegvad London (business meeting)
    1950 G. Ferreri Rome (informal meeting)
    1951 Y. Meurman Helsinki (business meeting)
    1952 L. Rüedi Zurich
    1953 L. Rüedi Amsterdam (business meeting)
    1954 V.E. Negus London
    1955 B. Gusic Zagreb-Belgrade
    1956 G. Portmann Bordeaux
    1957 G. Portmann Washington (business meeting)
    1958 G.T. Wilson Dublin
    1959 G. Hofer Vienna
    1960 M. Arslan Padua
    1961 M. Arslan Paris (business meeting)
    1962 J. Chryssikos Athens
    1963 I. Simsons Hall Edinburgh
    1964 H. Wullstein Würzburg
    1965 H. Wullstein Tokyo (business meeting)
    1966 P. Mounier-Kuhn Lyon
    1967 J. Lindsay Chicago
    1968 T. Leegard Oslo
    1969 T. Leegard Mexico City (business meeting)
    1970 E. Borghesan Palermo
    1971 W.H. Struben Rotterdam
    1972 E. Escher Berne
    1973 E. Escher Venice (business meeting)
    1974 J. Angell James Bristol
    1945 I.F. Padovan Dubrovnik
    1976 C.A. Hamberger Stockholm
    1977 C.A. Hamberger Buenos Aires (business meeting)
    1978 M. Ciges Granada
    1979 L. Surjan Budapest
    1980 F.A. Sooy San Francisco
    1981 F.A. Sooy Budapest (lunch meeting)
    1982 L.B.W. Jongkees The Hague
    1983 P. Pialoux Paris
    1984 L.S. Manolidis Corfu
    1985 A. Coyas Miami (lunch meeting)
    1986 H.H. Naumann Munich
    1987 G. Rossi Turin
    1988 I. Watanabe Tokyo
    1989 I. Watanabe Madrid (lunch meeting)
    1990 C.R. Pfaltz Basel
    1991 D.F.N. Harrison York
    1992 M.N. Kotby Cairo
    1993 M.N. Kotby Istanbul (lunch meeting)
    1994 M. Andrea Estoril
    1995 K. Albegger Salzburg
    1996 P.W. Alberti Vancouver
    1997 P.W. Alberti Sydney (lunch meeting)
    1998 P. Bretlau Copenhagen
    1999 A. Morgon Lyon
    2000 J.B. Snow Washington
    2001 J.B. Snow postponed
    2002 P. van den Broek Noordwijk, Cairo (lunch meeting)
    2003 R. Grénman Turku
    2004 P. Mangabeira Albernaz Salvador
    2005 P. Mangabeira Albernaz Rome (lunch meeting)
    2006 G. Tavartkiladze Moscow
    2007 C. S. Kim Seoul
    2008 H. Scherer Berlin
    2009 H. Scherer Sao Paolo (lunch meeting)
    2010 I. Sziklai Budapest
    2011 P. Lefebvre Bruges
    2012 R. Filipo Rome
    2013 M. Önerci Seoul (lunch meeting)
    2014 M. Önerci Istanbul
    2015 P.A. Wackym San Francisco
    2016 R. Dauman Bordeaux
    2017 W.N. Huang Paris (lunch meeting)
    2018 W.N. Huang Beijing
    General Secretaries
      1926-1940 C.E. Benjamins Groningen  
      1940-1960 E. Huizinga Groningen  
      1960-1976 L.B.W. Jongkees Amsterdam  
      1977-1986 C.R. Pfaltz Basel  
      1987-2000 P. van den Broek Nijmegen  
      2000-2008 P. Karma Helsinki  
      2008-2015 R. Dauman Bordeaux  
      2015- A. Mäkitie Helsinki  
    1926-1936 A.R. Tweedie  
    1936-1950 V.E. Negus London
    1950-1966 L. Ruedi Zurich
    1966-1990 M. Portmann Bordeaux
    1990-1999 J.M. Aran Bordeaux
    2000-2008 R. Dauman Bordeaux
    2008-2015 R. Grénman Turku
    2015- S. Stöckli St. Gallen

    Venue and Location
    Venue: China National Convention Center (CNCC) - Function Hall
    Address: No.7 Tianchen East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
    It is strictly forbidden to smoke in rooms and corridors of the hotels and venue.
    Official Language
    Time Format
    In24-hour system
    Registration is only available online.
    You can register on the website (www.collegium2018.com.cn) before 14 September, 2018 and get the meeting materials at registration desk.
    The registration desk could be found on the first floor of Beichen Intercontinental Hotel from 9:00-22:00 during 15-16 September, 2018 and in Function Hall of CNCC from 7:30-17:30 during 17-19 September, 2018.
    Abstract Submission
    Abstract Submission will be open when the registration starting. The dead line of submission will be on 31 May, 2018. Please submit the abstract while you are registering online.
    All staffs at the registration desk will be glad to assist you with any enquiries.
    Certificate of Attendance
    All members with registration will receive a certificate of attendance after the meeting.
    Name Badge
    Name Badge will be provided to all members, guests, accompanying persons and exhibitors. You can find it in registration materials obtaining from the registration desk.
    It is required to wear the Name Badge at all time of the meeting (all activities during 16-22 September, 2018 including scientific programmes, tours and dinners).
    If you lose the Name Badge, please contact our staffs for a new one at registration desk. Cost of replacing a lost or misplaced badge is 20.00 USD.
    Lunches and Coffee Breaks
    Registration fee covers lunches and coffee breaks on 17, 18 and 19 of September 2018.
    You may take a taxi from the Airport Taxi Station to the China National Convention Center (CNCC) and hotels. Taxis are metered. Also you can take subway line 8 and take off at Olympic Park Station.
    You can get the destination easier with the following notes when you arriving at Beijing Capital International Airport.
        ★If your destination is CNCC, please show the following words to the driver ‘您好,请带我去国家会议中心。地址:北京市朝阳区天辰东路7号。谢谢!’. It means ‘nice to meet you. Please take me to the CNCC. Address: No.7 Tianchen East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Thank you. ’
        ★If your destination is Intercontinental Beijing Beichen, please show the following words to the driver ‘您好,请带我去北京北辰洲际酒店。地址:北京市朝阳区北辰西路8号院4号楼。谢谢!’. It means ‘nice to meet you. Please take me to the Intercontinental Beijing Beichen. Address:No. 8 Beichen West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Thank you.’
       ★If your destination is China National Convention Center Grand Hotel, please show the following words to the driver ‘您好,请带我去国家会议中心大酒店。地址:北京市朝阳区北辰西路8号院1号楼。谢谢!’. It means ‘nice to meet you. Please take me to China National Convention Center Grand Hotel. Address:Building 1, No. 8 Precincts, Beichen West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Thank you. ’
       ★If your destination is Ya Ao International Hotel Beijing, please show the following words to the driver ‘您好,请带我去北京亚奥国际酒店。地址:北京市朝阳区北沙滩大屯路甲1号。谢谢!’. It means ‘nice to meet you. Please take me to Ya Ao International Hotel Beijing. Address: No.1 Datun Road Beishatan, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Thank you.’
    Official Photo Group
    The official photo group will be taken on 17 September, 2018 at 12:00 (noon).
    Poster Boards
    Once your abstract has been excepted as a poster, please prepare it with the size of 1.5 meters high and 0.9 meters wide, and bring it with you when you come to the meeting. In case you need a help, please ask our staffs at the registration desk.
    Programme Changes
    Due to unforeseen or external factors, the programme may be changed in some extent. 

16th-19th SEPTEMBER 2018


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